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Hi beautiful, I'm Jedrah!

And if you've landed here, I am so so grateful. I am a women's self love + feminine embodiment coach, and soon to be holistic nutritionist with a focus on women's health and womb wisdom. My passion is in being of service to women who on a soul level know they are worthy of more. My ultimate goal is to help women, like you, become self actualized, radiant, sexy + turned on. I want you to show up as the light you were meant to be and embrace your inner radiance. 

Why? Because I wasn't always in that place. 

At one point, I was depressed, hated my body (no matter what size), and unable to step into my light, let alone share it. I let others step all over me, allowed a mediocre relationship to turn into an emotionally controlling and abusive one, shut off from my sexuality, exhausted + so turned off from my own radiance. 

Flash forward a few years, two crazy dogs, a painful divorce, and I'm cultivating the life of I always had on my vision boards. But even with all of that, I still was struggling with body image, suffered a devastating miscarriage, and was diagnosed with endometriosis all within a few months. I was devastated. And so I started researching hormonal wellness, signed up for natural nutrition school, and started reading every self help + wellness book I could get my hands on. And then something shifted - I became this turned on, empowered + wellthy woman, ready to show up and share my light. 

I began diving deeper - much deeper. Into the juicy stuff. Sensuality. Superfoods. Kundalini. Meditation. The nitty gritty inner work that hurts before the enlightenment and inner growth hits. And the more I learn and grow, the more called I am to share with all the women who are feeling rejected, small, full of self hatred, and completely turned off from their own light and radiance. 

I want you to feel turned on, lit up, radiant, sexy, alive, empowered, glowing + powerful. And goddess, together we can get you there. 

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