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Nutritional Coaching

I offer 1:1 and group coaching, provided in packages. This includes an initial consultation where we go in depth on your health history and identify areas of imbalance. Next I create you a customized nutritional plan including supplements and holistic lifestyle recommendations. Coaching packages come in 3 and 6 month packages, where we meet biweekly to help you reach your wellness goals. All 1:1 coaching packages come with a love pack sent right to your door with resources to help you on your journey.

Group coaching packages include a guided cleanse, reduced rates for friends or families working together, and so much more. 

Meal Planning + prep

I offer 1:1 meal planning and prep sessions where we get together for 1 hour. I teach you how to meal plan, give you a free trial to my fave meal planning tool and teach you the skills you need to prep like a glow star. 

I also offer meal plans customized to your health needs, in house training where I come to you and help you in the kitchen and even take you on a grocery story tour to make the most of each trip. 

I also offer a group coaching program called Epic Wellness, that includes webinars on how I meal plan and prep, recipes that I love, and the way I make sure I can whip up a healthy meal in a flash. 

free whole30 support group

Join me in a free Whole30 Facebook group, where I will give you daily tips, recipes, and the tough love to get you through the 30 days of this amazing reset. I recommend this to friends, family and clients all the time. 

In my opinion, this reset is the best way to change your relationship to food, slay your sugar dragon and complete an elimination diet all in one. Its perfect for identifying food sensitivities and creating new healthy habits. 

This free group is for everyone wanting to complete a whole30 and I promise to complete at least 3 whole30's a year in the group right along side you beautiful humans. Sound good? Ask to join here. 

essential oils

Essential oils were a pivotal tool that has completely changed how I approach everything. I grab these oils multiple times a day: in my skin care, my hair care, when I brush my teeth, my fave supplement line, for immune support, when I get the sniffles, for reducing scars, for eliminating odours, and for freaking epic wellness. 

For anyone looking to get started with these oils, I offer epic discount codes for my programs and courses and free 30 minute oil consultations for those who purchase a starter kit. Get started here or email me with questions at

Feminine embodiment coaching

I teach women how to connect back into their feminine side, and embrace their sensuality. It took me SO long to see the connection between our sensuality and our overall wellbeing, and when it finally clicked - everything changed. 

I teach deep self love and self care practices that get you back into your body, owning your sexuality and radiating from the inside out. A woman who owns her sensuality and is turned on by life is a powerful being. 

I teach techniques such as yoni egg training, my sexy self care rituals, eye gazing, and other self love tools to get you connecting back to your power. 

heal your menstrual cycle

This is where I have endless knowledge and experience. I had suffered for years with abnormal periods, excruciating cramps, horrible acne, heavy bleeding, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I felt like my body hated me and was punishing me for years of abuse. I spent 7 years on the birth control pill before coming off only to realize I was more imbalanced than ever before. 

By changing my diet, reducing my toxic load, using organic feminine hygiene products or a diva cup, getting reacquainted with my cycle and tracking it using fertility awareness method, I've turned my cycle into a 4 day dream. 

I offer a group coaching program called Reclaim your Wild Woman twice a year, as well as ebooks, webinars and 1:1 consultations to help you achieve menstrual wellness. 

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