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The Morning Glory

I have done it again. I have created a perfect smoothie. A perfect yellow smoothie - with a secret healthy twist.

I have decided to call it The Morning Glory smoothie. Here's the ingredients:

1 cup coconut milk (carton kind)

1 ripe banana (brown spots!)

1-2 cups frozen mango (I buy mine in bulk at Costco)

1 tbsp tumeric (MUAHAHA)

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tbsp brown rice protein

Blend baby blend.


And yes, tumeric is an ingredient. Why? Because tumeric is known for a TON of health benefits including:

- it's a natural anti-inflammatory

- it increases the antioxidant capacity of the body ! shweet.

- it boosts your brain power > improves function and lowers the risk of brain diseases

- can lower your risk of heart disease (let's face it boys & girls, heart disease is a huge killer here in Canada)

- can help prevent cancer (there are even links to a possible treatment for cancer)

- arthritis patients respond really well to tumeric and curcumin in their diets and treatment plans

- benefits people with depression!

- can help delay aging and help fight age-related diseases

- just two teaspoons have 17% of your daily manganese intake, 10% of your daily iron intake, as well as 3%+ your daily intake of vitamin B6, fiber, and potassium !

- improved liver function

- helps lower cholesterol

Overall it's just an awesome spice/herb. This smoothie is an easy, and delicious way to pack it into your diet. So try it out today!

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