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I’ve heard and seen a lot of posts talking about how detoxes and cleanses are a money grab and completely unnecessary because the body cleanses and detoxes itself. Well, that statement may be true, but why not delve a little deeper?

If you go to your local health food store, I guarantee you will see a ton of products claiming to be this amazing detox pill or drink and yeah, that is definitely a money grab. These products are a “quick fix” way of approaching wellness. People who choose to purchase these are not going to find any real difference, because it requires no real change or shift.

Our bodies are amazing and wonderful machines that work well, even under stress and pressure. However, when we are constantly attacking them with processed foods, sugar, environmental toxins, radiation, etc, it’s natural mechanisms of detoxification slow down and we start to feel a little crummy. We may even start craving foods that are bad for us. Does this mean that the body cannot still detox or cleanse itself? No, of course not.

A detox or cleanse from a holistic standpoint is a shift towards assisting the body to naturally cleanse and detoxify itself. It’s based on slowing down our digestion and ensuring proper elimination, increasing fluid intake (hello hydration), and increasing the amount of alkaline foods that we consume to reset the bodies natural mechanisms and reduce the strain it can sometimes have on us.

We’ve let the words detox and cleanse become something scary and marketed, when really cleaning house is not a bad thing at all. A cleanse, when done properly, and without pills and diet schemes, can really optimize how our body functions and runs so that we feel awesome and glow from the inside out.

I’m writing this post because I am about to embark on my second ever, Hol:Fit Ready, Set, Glow 7 day guided detox with the beautiful and glowing Ange Peters, and because so many of my friends and readers have asked what feelings come up during a cleanse and are curious about the bodies reaction. So this week, I am committing to sticking to the plan, supporting the other women doing it with me and really focusing on how my body is feeling at the start and at the finish. I’ve been really feeling a cleanse for a while, and I just feel like I need it. The last few months have been so fast paced and crazy, that a slow down and presence in my body sounds amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.10.32 PM.png

I’m going to be doing a spiritual and physical detox this week as I work through the workbook portion of the Desire Map - a totally rad book about how to create goals with soul and focusing on how you want to feel rather than a certain end point, by the badass Danielle LaPorte. So I will be sharing tid bits of that experience as well as I embark on this journey to be the best, most glowing version of myself this year.

If you want to join me, you can check out and sign up for the detox here: OR if you have been interested in signing up with dōterra get it for free with your enrolment and 100 LRP order. Info for signing up for that on the website or email me at with your info for purchasing and I will personally sign you up.

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Love & glowing,



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