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Spiritual Nutrition

I've been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts lately - and they all have some things in common. Body image + banishing negative self talk, orthorexia + eating disorders, a spiritual disconnect, strong women who admit to when they were weak or at their low, and how they got out of it. I've realized a lot from these episodes from podcasts like, The Wellness Wonderland, The Brave Exchange, or Awaken Radio (I could list several more). Here are a few of my realizations + then my explanation of the concept of spiritual nutrition.

1. Every woman has experienced some kind of disordered eating. Eating disorders act on a spectrum - they aren't just categorized as anorexia or bulimia any more. Disordered eating could be any negative thoughts you have surrounding eating, obsessive dieting, controlling your food, controlling your weight, and being incredibly cruel to yourself + your body.

2. Society has put a lot of pressure on women to be thin + look a certain way. Throughout history, there has been different itterations of what beautiful means. These images have ranged from plump women (when being heavier set meant you were wealthy), to today - where being ultra thin and drinking green juice for weeks on end exclusively makes you beautiful and is a sign of wealth. Beauty & wealth have gone hand and hand for years - and it needs to stop. Our worth does not come from the amount of money in our bank account.

3. An eating disorder, or being cruel to your body in other ways is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that society and education is failing women + little girls. We need to empower + educate one another. Women supporting women = radical change.

4. It takes a lot of courage, strength + faith to create a life of wellness for yourself. True wellness is a journey through spirituality, personal development + food.

A concept that I have had whirling in my head for months now is this - spiritual nutrition. Spiritual nutrition is the soul food we give to our bodies, hearts + minds. It encompasses our relationship with a supportive tribe, nourishing foods, a spiritual connection to a higher power of our choosing, + glowing self care that fills up our cups. I'm creating/have been creating something called The Soul Cleanse for several months now.

It was designed to incorporate the aspects of a cleanse or detox (the healthy way, and trust me there is a healthy way) to eliminate toxins in the body + a spiritual quest or journey to find what your soul needs on a deeper level, to eradicate limiting beliefs, to create positive self talk + finally, create a tribe of women supporting women. Sound's amazing, right?

I think that we each have a role to play in our own and in others success in wellness. As it has been said - it takes a village to raise a child. Well I believe it takes a tribe to create a strong, beautiful, happy + whole woman. So that's my goal as a coach - and that will be what I bring to the table in the year 2016.

So get ready. We're all in this together.

Much love,

Jedrah xo

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