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It's OK to feel your feelings.

I’m angry. Pissed off. Frustrated. Exhausted. Sick and tired. And f*^%$#@ irritated. There I said it. I want to yell my head off at my dogs, the neighbour who has not stopped cutting his grass for the past two hours, the UPS guy for coming to our door and making the dogs lose their shit. I want to lose my shit and let it all out.

Some days (and I’m sure you can agree) you are just ticked off at everything. Maybe you have held all of your frustrations, anger, resentment, etc in for too long. Maybe everything is just going wrong. Maybe you clean one room only to go back to one you had already cleaned to find dog pee on the floor, all of your feminine hygiene products (clean) ripped all over the floor, toys everywhere and you just want to yell and scream and hit something.

Well, this post isn't about sitting on a meditation pillow breathing, or doing some down dogs, drinking a soothing tea or writing in your gratitude journal - although all of those things are just swell.

This post is about losing your eff-ing shit, yelling your head off, throwing what you need to throw, having a hissy fit and feeling your god damn feelings. It is OK to feel your feelings. It is OK to let it all out, behave like a two year old, have a tantrum and feel what you need to feel. And then let it go. Move on.

We are bombarded by things that annoy us, stress us out, exhaust us and just drain us from our core. Some days this mean’s we need to slow down and really reflect on why were feeling that way. Maybe a hot bath and a good book will make us feel grounded and back to earth again. But some days, we need to let the damn feelings out and move on.

As women, we are taught by society that we are to be calm, cool and collected. We are expected to be lady like and not to swear. We are taught to dress a certain way, behave a certain way, eat a certain way and react a certain way. And I say this is bullshit.

We are destroying our precious feminine brains by allowing ourselves to be trampled on, told what to do, not asking for help, and taking on way more than we can chew. We are destroying our feminine energy by holding it all in and ignoring our feelings, ignoring our intuition.

So today, I am telling you to let out the feelings you are allowing to fester. Scream, shout, cry, throw things (hopefully pillows + not something valuable), have a hissy fit, make no sense and then literally let it go. Watch your feelings leave your body, leave your house and let it go. Because girl, holding it all in is overrated.

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