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5 Reasons It’s Time for a Digital Detox

How often do you wish you could just hurtle your phone across the room and have it smash into a million tiny pieces so you can be truly alone? But then you think about being without your phone and pangs of nervousness and anxiety creep up. What will people think? Will I lose all of my friends (or followers)? Will people think I died? Will I be lonely? A million thoughts probably go through your head, and instead of listening to that deep wisdom within you telling you to put the phone down, you panic and log back on to Instagram or Facebook only to waste away three or four hours of your day (and life).

We live in a digital age, where we are constantly “connected” but never really truly reach a deep connection with most of the people we meet. You see people in restaurants staring at their phones rather than their friends, family or partners. People walk around with their eyes down, scrolling through social media mindlessly, completely unaware of whats going on around them. I have stacks of books that I yearn to read, but I’ve been so consumed by social media that I never have the time .. well that’s bullshit. And just one reason to take some time away from your mobile devices. Here are five reasons you might just need a digital detox, BIG TIME:

  1. You panic at the idea of losing your phone, having someone steal it or breaking it. You literally freak out when you think that you’ll miss out (we call this FOMO) and not know what everyone is up to.

  2. You spend insane amounts of money (or even just beyond your means) on new books, clothes, or fads that social media promotes and encourages. You find yourself financially stressed out, with climbing phone bills and don’t know where your spending all of your hard earned money. I’ll tell you where: eating out for the perfect insta shot, buying the newest clothes to look great on social media, on your phone bill for the 3752387582 GB of data you use each month, those online shopping binges late at night when you are scrolling instagram, or the latest diet or detox program someone offers (although some of them are pretty rad, I don’t know why anyone would pay $1000 for a 6 week group program, just saying).

  3. You forget what your significant other, best friend or even your dog looks like. And outside? What’s that? Is it a backdrop for your social media feed? If you never get your butt outside, completely unplugged from your technology, I promise you - you are missing out.

  4. You feel easily stressed, agitated, depressed, or like you never have enough. You feel burnt out, even though you aren’t really doing much.

  5. Your dreams are on hold because you “don’t have enough time”. Well sister, you do have enough time. What if you traded those four hours on social media for four hours building your dream biz, or four hours studying for your dream career? I bet you would have those dreams fulfilled pretty damn quick.

So if you think you need a digital detox heres how to do it:

Delete the social media apps from your phone, including emails. How’s that feel? Check out that glorious free space on your iPhone for inspiring podcasts, music, audiobooks. Rad, right?

Only use your phone for receiving texts or calls. After 8pm, put your phone on airplane mode and stick it in a drawer. If you use it as an alarm, consider getting an old school alarm clock or just keeping it away from your bed.

Check your email only at scheduled times. Set aside however much time you think you need. You may need more if you run a biz or are in school, and only check it then. If its once a day for an hour, fine, but only check it and answer during that hour. Preferably check it 1-2 times per week.

Don’t do a digital detox during a time you know you need to be connected, think in the final stages or planning a wedding, when someone is ill, when your at the end of a pregnancy - you get the point.

And if you’re worried about what to do with your extra time, here are a few ideas:

1. Read a book. Seriously, there are some amazing ones out.

2. Go outside and go for a walk. Its fall, the colours are beautiful - its perfect.

3. Exercise.

4. Listen to an inspiring audiobook, podcast or radio show.

5. Dance your butt off to some of your fave tunes.

6. Have a spa night with your tribe.

7. Write.

8. Go to a group class.

9. Take a workshop.

10. Take your pets to the dog park.

11. Clean your house (like deep clean).

12. Study something new.

13. Have sex .. more often

14. Volunteer

15. Meditate

16. Try cooking new meals

The options are endless, and the benefits are huge. Here are a few: increased productivity, greater sense of calm, think more, connect more with the people around you, reduced stress and so many more. Give it a try.

Love, Jedrah

PS. I will be digital detoxing (aka no social media, limited emails) for at least a week. If you need to/want to connect email me, and I will reach back within three days. I will still be writing during this time, just not posting to social media.

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