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Nine Rituals to Boost Your Health

How many times have you been lured by marketing of products promising you beauty, easy weight loss, glowing skin and a booty like Beyonce? And then it leaves you broke, miserable, feeling out of control, exhausted and crappy. Bummer. Right?

I get it. I can't count on my two hands how many fad diets, expensive products and supplements I have tried, that left me feeling guilty, ashamed and exhausted. It wasn't until I started incorporating simple acts of self care into my day that I started to find a health groove.

Well there are some simple rituals you can add to your day to feel amazing and boost your health, especially in the winter months. They help your immune system work like a charm, help with stabilizing moods and genuinely make your skin glow.

To start your day:

Before you go to the next step, grab a tongue scraper or a stainless steel spoon and scrape your tongue in the morning. Its great for removing all the nasties your body detoxed out over night.

Have a quart of water by your bed for in the morning. Want to up level it? Add a drop of lemon essential oil (it has to be 100% pure, the only brand I trust is doterra) or the juice of half a lemon. Drink this before eating anything else. Aim for a few litres each day.

Move your body in a way that feels good, opening and gets the joints moving. Then ground yourself. I like to smack the bottoms of my feet and stretch my toes apart before sitting cross legged to meditate for a few minutes. Getting intensely present and breathing in the morning, creates a sense of calm for your day.

Breakfast. I love to have one of the following: some eggs with homemade salsa, a green smoothie, a power parfait bowl or a fatty latte (on days I intermittently fast). Focus on healthy fats in the morning to fuel your cells and provide nourishment for your skin.

Throughout the day:

Get some vitamin D and fresh air by going outside. A little walk on lunch, or with a friend makes all the difference.

Eat a power house lunch. Good fats. Protein. Tons of veg. Some fermented foods on top. Delish.

In the afternoon as a pick me up, try this smoothie recipe:

1 cup water

2 handfuls spinach

1 handful fresh parsley

1 cup frozen mango

2 medjool dates

Blend until super smooth. I love this smoothie to satisfy a craving, and not to mention the detoxifying effect it has on your beautiful body.

Spend some time writing - journal your feelings, goals and what you are grateful for.

Before bed:

Wind down. Turn off the electronics 30 minutes before bed time and instead colour in a adult colouring book, do some light yoga or read an empowering book. Pop some essential oils in a diffuser and get cozy. Sleep is so important to your overall health, its integral and a non-negotiable for your healthy lifestyle.

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