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Book Review Friday: Love Your Lady Landscape

I absolutely love to read, and there are so many fantastic ones out there that you may not have heard of. I could spend hours wrapped up in a good book. Learning. Soaking up the inspiration. Feeling the feelings. So I’m starting Book Review Friday’s, where I review books about health, wellness, spirituality - the works.

And I’ve chosen to review Love Your Lady Landscape as my first book. Mostly because its put me down this path of learning about my own femininity, my own sexuality and my SHE power. It opened up my eyes to how my beautiful female body works, and helped me create a beautiful femme routine. A routine I will lovingly share with you another time.

This book breaks it down for you in a raw, loving and honest way. Lisa Lister teaches you how to tap into your feminine power. I love the line “We are badasses who make magic with our pussies.” Boom. I for one, love writers who want you to feel like a badass. She includes she truths, raw stories about her own life and healing process,

My fave part is when she teaches you about your menstrual cycle and how to tap into your power in each phase of the cycle. She lists off your super powers in each cycle, such as how during pre-ovulation you have super charged memory, logic and reasoning to understand projects fully, where you are tapped into your masculine energy and full of life, you take risks, and are a powerhouse of creativity. Its amazing to know how we can tap into those powers to really achieve the most out of our day to day lives and to understand how each phase makes us feel.

I adore the SHE medicine suggestions, reading lists, and tools she gives you in each chapter. These include SHE flow yoga, meditations, womb massage, a yoni egg practice, yoni steams, and just a way of being gentle with yourself.

She introduces us to the concept of a called girl, no not a call girl, a called girl. One that has heard the call of the goddess. The call to live moment to moment, one who knows self-acceptance comes before self improvement, and connects to momma earth. Its like a knowing that she is powerful, connected and so deserving of self love and care. All I can say is that this book is a must read for any woman looking for a little love, connection and tools to help her connect to her power. Its a beautiful stepping stone for a lifelong love affair with your cycle, your body and an abundant resource for tapping in and becoming a called girl. Its led me to a few other books that have deepened my own connection to my body. Its been a beautiful change from a rock bottom start.

You see I was called to this book when I found it on the bottom shelf in the book store, I was feeling broken, disconnected and so so far from feminine. I hated my cycle, felt as if my body was failing me with my endometriosis diagnosis, and couldn't understand how to even start tapping into my femme side. But Lisa brought that part of me back to life, and I will never go back.

I also want to mention, she's a sweet heart and genuinely cares about her readers. Between responding to tags on instagram, her Facebook group and the community she has created, she's just an awesome badass.

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