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Blissed Out Meandering Monday

Welcome beautiful you, to another meandering Monday. Today's theme is in line with my Blissed Out Sexy Self Care Launch tomorrow - bliss. I've been very turned on by the term (and CDF) bliss for the last year. And then one night I just felt so called to share my own journey and tools to find bliss with my tribe of high vibe women. So, tomorrow I'm releasing my Blissed Out Sexy Self Care mini course, for FREE (only for the month of December, my gift to you).

I will share the rest of the deets after I share a few blissed out meanders:

This beauty video. Totally honouring the belly in all its beautiful and unique forms. #bellyjelly (HINT: its totally body positive, and we are too here at

Carly Morgan Gross

Amber Leitz

Kim Anami

Melissa Ambrosini

Some insta's I'm loving:

@hol_fit (ALWAYS love Ange's posts)



@christina_sutra (her art though)

This 60 second mood changer HERE

This website for high vibe, crystal sex toys (I'm currently crushing on one for Christmas) HERE

For those of us who feel a little BLAH in the winter, THIS ARTICLE

Foods I'm digging:

- Holiday Nog

- clementines (in bulk)

- water

- hot chocolate elixirs

- sweet potatoes

- apple pie oatmeal

- any kind of rice dish YUM

Books to check out:

I won't lie, I was totally freaked out by the title of this book. I remember wandering the book store (one of my fave past times) seeing this book, intrigue setting in.

I picked the book up, read the back and saw some of my fave high vibe ladies on the back: Gabby B, Kris Carr, Danielle Laporte, Latham Thomas .. but as soon as I thought someone was walking towards me and would see the book I had in my hands I practically threw it back at the shelf.

Well that night at home, I saw post after post about this book and knew I HAD to go buy it. And oh my word, it changed everything. SO if you are a female or you love a female, go buy it. Gift it. Share it. Seriously.

Look at this wisdom:

And two others, you'll notice a theme on women's health and empowerment = my secret to blissing out.

I finished Love Your Lady Landscape last month + it totally changed how I approach my cycle and my moontime.

My current read is Rise Sister Rise and let me tell you. Buy it. I don't have the words yet. Its so good. Juicy.

So there you have a few of my fave meanders and finds this month, now some deets if you want to feel this excited and blissed out about life:

The holiday's are a busy and often stressful time, where our needs come last. I want to change that this year, so TOMORROW I'm releasing my Christmas gift to each and every one of you : Blissed Out Sexy Self Care.

This gift includes a brand new ebook, access to a private webpage with loads of self care goodies, resources + podcast episodes, a webinar recording, and a divine connection guided meditation.

This ebook is broken down into 7 blissed out days of self care, and includes: + an introduction to a yoni egg practice and other blissed out, femme self care practices to light you up and turn you on + meditation guides + recipes for beautiful elixirs to warm you up even on the coldest winter days + a guide to optimal nutrition for beautiful self care from the inside out + a ritual for a bliss bath + optimal sleep habits + rituals + a gentle guide to sensual movement

In the webinar, I will share my journey to self care rituals that light me up and seriously turn me on, the book and courses that changed my life (seriously), and all the ways we can nourish our bodies during our busiest seasons of life to make sure our cup is overflowing with love + bliss.

And the honest to goddess best part? Its all absolutely free. For one time only, this beautiful package (and lifetime access to it + any updates), is 100% free. Just for you beautiful. In the new year, access will go up to $111. So join now beautiful, and see how amazing it feels to take care of yourself first.

Click here beautiful: BLISSED OUT SEXY SELF CARE

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