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What 2016 Taught Me

Well hello there. I took a much needed, and somewhat forced hiatus from writing over the holidays. Needed because burn out is a nasty thing, and forced because well I have had a awful case of writers block. So instead, I've went deep into myself and have explored what I've learned, goal set, vision boarded and curated my own vision for 2017.

I've been journaling, crafting, exploring, creating and dreaming. And I've decided that it's time to share a little about what 2016 had to offer me. You see, 2016 seemed to kick most of us in the ass. And although I cannot say it was the best year ever, I can honestly say it had its moments. 2015 was a particularly rough year for us, but ended on the beautiful note of getting engaged. So 2016 started with celebration and beautiful moments with our family. We also started our year with a little addition to our family in the form of a psychotic puppy named Rolo (I have in fact described him as satan's spawn, but I promise he's really quite loveable).

2016 was the year that I faced some big health challenges, hospital stays, new discoveries, financial mayhem, and two big moves. Each struggle has taught me valuable life lessons and made F and I only that much stronger. But here are a few of the things I have learnt this year:

+ That I am so worthy of love (and you are too), and that there really are only two choices in any given situation: love or fear.

+ that sometimes you have to let yourself become very much undone, and relinquish control in order to find your way back

+ that sometimes you just gotta slow the eff down, or life will do it for you

+ that resolutions are bullshit, instead get intentional and focus on how you want to FEEL (vision boarding isn't just for fun)

+ that miscarriages happen, young people get diagnosed with scary shit like endometriosis and it doesn't mean you are broken because you are imperfect

+ that sexy self care is sooo much better than the occasional bubble bath

+ that pleasure and turn on are so important in stepping into your own light/power (and thanks to Mama Gena and her book Pussy: A Reclamation, the power of pussy and the feminine)

+ that a girl tribe that loves and supports you is totally valuable beyond measure

And I won't lie, I'm already learning new and exciting things in 2017 - all of which I'm going to be sharing. I'm going to be much more present on here in the coming months, with programs and coaching galore coming up. So stay tuned beautiful.

I would LOVE to hear what you learnt in 2017, so hop on and connect with me: post to instagram @jedrahallen, email me @ or join in on Facebook.

Much love,

Jedrah xo

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