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Pleasure over Pressure

In the zen den aka my bedroom, totally blissed out on a pumpkin spice latte, vanilla scented candles in rose gold geometric candle holders, sleeping puppies at my feet + nocturne no.1 on Apple music. I’m completely relaxed and sitting down to write freely - whatever comes my way. From the heart. You see I’ve been changing, growing and unfolding the past few months. More so than usual. I’ve become deeply passionate about bringing beautiful women like you closer to your feminine essence. Why? Because when a woman is in here feminine essence and balanced with her masculine, she is a power house. A blissed out, glowing woman. And this has led me to what all of my future offerings will be about: glowing health + whole body nourishment, divine feminine embodiment and high vibe living.

As I go deeper into this practice, I am called to share. To teach. As its been said, we are here to learn through what we are called to teach. I can’t wait to evolve and grow with you. So I ask for your patience as my offerings are developed and created to share, and as all of the spaces online will transition with me.

I have been choosing to approach everything through the lens of love over fear, and pleasure over pressure. Today most of us live through fear, pressure, societal norms and the desires of others. And let me tell you one thing: its the same amount of work either way, but when you go the path of love and pleasure - it feels good in your body, it feels needed + soft. It’s easy to breathe, to expand. When we live from a space of fear and pressure, we contract. We struggle to breathe. We suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure, and other stress related disorders. This quote from Rise Sister Rise (mandatory reading in my opinion) sums it up nicely:

“So many of us have learned to use fear as our driver. To be motivated by what we want to avoid, rather than what we would be delighted to create. We are in survival mode, not trusting life or anything around us. So attached to outcomes that we strive to get the job done and then, once we have it, we either put extra pressure to get to the next thing or to ensure that we don’t lose what we have. In doing so we deny ourselves the pleasure of actually enjoying the very thing we worked so hard to create.”

That thing may not be a job or career, or even a creative outlet - it could be a lifestyle, a baby, a relationship - whatever you may want to attract into your life. When you make pleasure your driving force, the doing is the joy and the outcome really doesn’t matter. For the longest time, I have approached this calling I feel out of fear. Sharing the things I know won’t cause a unwanted response, or the things that people may judge me for. But I know now, that when I show up authentically, I feel whole. I don’t mind what people think and I attract the most beautiful souls into my life.

Sometimes in order to get to this shiny and new place, we have to allow the old us and the old paradigms to fall away or shatter into tiny pieces. Sometimes it happens on its own, through flow, and circumstance, but other times we have to hear the call and do the smashing. To tear apart what we’ve built because things are changing, growing, expanding - including you. What part of your life needs to be shattered in order to set you free?

For me this involved smashing my limiting beliefs, paying for online courses and books to help me grow and to prove to myself that I am worthy and deserving of this work and growth, going inwards, shedding some tears, getting diagnosed with an illness, owning who I truly and authentically am, and letting go of my expectations. It’s also involved some pretty radical practices such as dancing every day, a yoni egg practice, and reading books that made me uncomfortable buying (thank god for online shopping, right?). It called for me to crack myself open and passionately experience life. And beautiful, I am so going to help you shatter and grow.

What can you do today, to become more authentically you? To release old thought patterns? To step into a pleasure filled life?

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