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The Ultimate Way to Meditate

OK. How many times have you heard how great meditation is for you and how simple it is? Let me guess 4646841644164 times, right? Well that may be true, or like me you often struggle with monkey brain and are just way to go go go. While I've learned to allow the thoughts to flow and not fight them, sometimes I enjoy a little extra something something to get me focused. In this post, I'm going to reveal my ultimate fave way to meditate - but first, I am going to talk about meditation and its benefits, just to break it down for you. And because I always love some resources and further reading, you'll get some links for broadening your meditation horizons.

For me, meditation is a necessity. I am one of those people whose minds never stop going, often laying there awake staring at the ceiling creating mental lists for myself while trying to go the fuck to sleep. For me, meditation allows me to calm the monkey brain - not shut it off. I've learned to come to a place where I just ALLOW the crazy to appear, and I witness it without judgement. Easier said than done, I know. But the physical benefits far outweigh the struggle you may feel just starting out.


+ lowered heart rate

+ decreased anxiety and depression

+ more awareness to your breath

+ improves concentration

+ higher self esteem and self acceptance

+ increases wellbeing

+ increases memory recall and retention

+ eases ADHD symptoms

+ reduces blood pressure

+ improved immune system

+ better breathing and stronger lungs

+ reduces PMS symptoms (hello meditation)

All this from sitting, breathing and just being in your body.

Now, not all of us are made to just sit and breathe - so some other ways to meditate are while dancing (another personal fave), float tanks (love), gardening, yoga, reading, anything that allows you to simply focus on your breath and slow down your mind. Don't try and stop it. Sitting there and punishing yourself for thinking about the two loads of laundry you have to do and the bill you have to remember to pay, will not improve your wellbeing. Sitting there, not judging those thoughts, and bringing your attention back to your breath and focusing on how your beautiful body feels - that will.

So now, I present to you TWO magical ways to meditate. Both a little sensual and great for tapping into your feminine energy beauty.

The first is meditation with a yoni egg or yoni wand. My absolute favourite brand is Chakrubs. They are the ORIGINAL Crystal Sex Toy Company, and the founder Vanessa is a goddess seriously. I absolutely love my Heart rose quartz wand, and as soon as I held it in my hand intuitively knew we would do beautiful things together.

The How To:

I usually start this meditation with a beautiful breast massage ritual. Take 1-2 tbsp of coco oil and a femme essential oil (I love rose, lavender or ylang ylang), and rub it in your hands together warming it up. Massage it onto bare breasts in any way that feels good - the key is making sure to move lymph fluid (so don't forget under your arms). I love this practice for a few reasons, some practical - like the fact you are completely aware of your breast tissue and better able to recognize changes, and some more sensual - there is an awakening that comes from massaging the breasts. Its honestly one of the rituals I do that instills so much self confidence, and really grounds me down while connecting me to my femininity.

This practice also activates the yoni, which is what we want if we are going to meditate with a Chakrub. You can do this next part seated or laying down on your back. You have two options here: you can use the Chakrub as a tool to bring energy in and simply hold it or lay it down on your belly, and start breathing deeply, focusing on expanding your breath and moving the energy throughout the body. OR you can use the Chakrub as a beautiful self pleasure tool, and work at releasing tension or any held on emotional pain. I have had moments where I got super emotional while using mine, and the release that comes from it. Whereas other times its just pure bliss.

The objective of this meditation is not orgasm, so don't feel any pressure to get there. You really just want to use this as a tool to awaken and reconnect to your body. To feel into your breath, and be in the moment.

Trust me - you will feel like a total badass.

Meditation two (a little less risqué), is my ultimate meditation tool because it is simple + delicious. It is the CHOCOLATE MEDITATION. Yes, you read that right. One of my newest self care practices is going to a chocolatier every two weeks or so and buying some super decadent chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. One a day is all I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, and its a beautiful way to honour our desires.

So to practice this meditation, all you need is: a comfy place to sit and breathe, and a high quality square of chocolate or individual chocolate of your choice. All you do is pop the chocolate in your mouth, and let it melt slowly in your mouth. Sit or lay with your eyes closed, and breathe deeply. All I want you to do is to focus on how the chocolate tastes, how it feels as it melts in your mouth, and on smiling. Enjoying. I usually spend anywhere between 2-5 minutes in this meditation, and feel like a million dollars and a divine goddess when I'm done. Its perfect in a pinch and just feels so good. And tastes good too.

Try one of these meditations for yourself, and let me know how you feel beautiful. I know I am so much more radiant for these practices, which will be included in some of my online courses coming late this summer.

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