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How to make your own superfood blends

Imagine this: sipping on a hot cup of a superfood elixir, curled up in a comfy chair, reading an empowering book in the sunshine. Sounds good right? Elixirs are the juice of life. The superfoodies dream. But damn, are they expensive. If you are like me and love the pretty packaging associated with superfood elixir blends from Moon Juice, and Erika Elizabeth then you are going to LOVE this post.

You see, if you take away the pretty packaging all of these companies have the same thing in common. Beautiful, nourishing ingredients. I was gearing up to make a big online order and when my cart hit $150US for only a couple of items, something inside me just went HELL NO. This is not the feeling you want to have when buying something that is supposed to nourish you and bring you joy. So I went to my magic pantry. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen it in my stories a few times - it is a thing of beauty. Everything is organized and in mason jars - HEAVEN.

So I went to the magic pantry, looked at the ingredient lists and realized that I have quite a few of them. So the creative and frugal part of me decided I would make my own blends and put them in pretty little mason jars and use these instead. To make them all I did was go to Dollarama and spend $6 on little jars. If you wanted to get fancy you could buy some pretty labels to print out, but I went old fashioned with a sharpie instead. I created 5 blends based off of ingredients lists from my favourite companies and winged it on the amounts of each ingredient. I basically went from most to least depending on ingredient in the list.

So let's say a company you love has 7 ingredients, the first one on the list is the one that will be the most prevalent. Then you go from there. I also want to mention - because you are making these for yourself you can put more or less of ingredients depending on the effect and taste you are looking for. AND if you want to get super creative - try crafting your own recipes. It feels so empowering to be able to do this.

I made a huge mess of the kitchen - which suffice it to say was actually kind of fun. We're all in a house with 5 adults and so alone time is something that NEVER happens. So to have the entire kitchen to myself with no judging eyes for the mess was pure bliss. Music on. Dancing. Bliss.

In this post, I am going to share a couple of the recipes I have come up with to make it easy peasy for you. The first one is totally all me, I call it the Ritual blend. Mostly because I adore this blend and usually use it for my morning rituals and make an extremely creamy hot chocolate with it. Sooooo juicy and delicious.

The Ritual blend contains:

+ 4 tbsp of raw cacao

+ 2 tbsp lucuma powder

+ 2 tbsp tocos

+ 1 tsp pink sea salt

+ 1 tsp vanilla bean powder

You can double, triple, etc the ingredients for bigger batches.

I love using 1 tablespoon of this in hot chaga tea, with a 1 tbsp of Bulletproof MCT oil, 1 tbsp ghee, 1 medjool date and some vanilla stevia. Blend it up and OH MY GOD. It tastes like a caramel latte. No joke. It's the best and creamy, frothy and just soooo yummy. This blend makes it super simple because you don't have to fuss with all the herbs and superfood add ins. Lazy girls unite.

The rest of the blends are inspired by other companies and are definitely not exact recipes. So please, if you have purchased the blends from somewhere don't expect them to be identical in flavour or in the shade they are. But I promise they are just as yummy and convenient.

The first recipe I am going to share is for the yellow powdered blend in the photo. Its called Detox + Synergy. This one makes a mean golden milk and is so simple:

+ 3 tbsp turmeric

+ 2 tbsp maca

+ 2 tsp cinnamon

+ 2 tsp cardamom

+ 1 tsp ginger

+ 1 tsp black pepper

+ 1 tsp pink salt

+ 1 tsp vanilla bean

I want to make a point of saying a lot of the pre blended powders contain stevia in powdered form. I personally don't like powdered stevia and prefer to add a few drops of liquid stevia, some honey, maple syrup or a medjool date to my elixirs. BUT if you want ease and don't mind powdered stevia add 1 tsp to each recipe.

The second blend which has a light pink hue (is my smallest blend, simply because I didn't have enough rose and hibiscus powder) is called Lunar Bliss. This recipe is the ultra feminine blend and super nourishing to the feminine reproductive system. It contains:

+ 2 tbsp rose + hibiscus powder (if you are Canadian, and find it impossible to find either of these powders, heres a tip: dried rose petals and hibiscus flowers in your vitamix until powdered. Genius. Also smells absolutely divine) = use more rose petals than hibiscus

+ 2 tbsp shatavari powder

+ 1 tbsp ashwaghandha powder

+ 1/2 tbsp cinnamon

+ 1 tsp pink salt

+ 1 tsp vanilla bean powder

TO DIE FOR. Blend it up with a little warmed nut milk and some maple syrup, maybe a dollop of coco oil. Perfection. Also good with chaga tea as the base.

Next our beautiful green blend, which is a matcha alternative is the Beauty + Brains. It's super simple with only four ingredients and perfect on ice or hot blended with nut milk and sweetener of choice.

+ 3 tbsp moringa

+ 3 tbsp tocos

+ 1 tsp pink salt

+ 1 tsp vanilla bean powder

Finally we reach intuition + flow. A beautiful chaga cacao elixir that is super simple. Blended with chaga tea or hot nut milk, or even chai tea its super yummy and delicious.

+ 3 tbsp raw cacao

+ 3 tbsp chaga powder

+ 3 tsp shiszandra powder

+ 1 tsp pink salt

+ 1 tsp vanilla bean powder

A quick tip for elixirs:

Hot water, tea or nut milk.

A fat of choice: coco oil, MCT oil, ghee

Herbs and superfoods

Sweetener: stevia, maple syrup, honey, medjool date

Blend and serve. This mix of ingredients gives you a latte like finish with froth and a creaminess that is so satisfying.

Blend away beauties, and post your creations to instagram with the hashtag jedrahselixirs so I can see them too. How easy are these blends ??!? Start creating with ingredients you already have and pop them in little or big jars. 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of blend in your elixir is the perfect amount. Enjoy crafting.


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