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Meandering Monday Ep. 1

I've wanted to start this recurring blog post where I share all of the goods I've found throughout the week with you. Why? Well it actually all started back when Katie Dalebout had the Wellness Wonderland blog and podcast, she did this every week and I ADORED it. Seriously. You find so many cool things, and when you share it - magic happens. So here I am sharing things I'm loving + articles I've found in the past week.

Reading //

+ The Path of Energy by Synthia Andrews - it had such epic mediations in it, that I had an out of body experience in my bath tub. Magic.

+ this article here

+ this blog post here

+ speaking of posts - I found this on a blog post + I LOVE

Watching //

+ The Crown on Netflix - currently binge watching season 2

+ this video here

+ currently obsessed with Gaia, I got a subscription to them for the whole year for 0.99 on Black Friday

++ on my Gaia playlist The Healing Field, The Science of changing your mind, Kundalini, The Power of the Heart

+ Connie Chapman's Journaling workshop videos (I'll post a blog on all my learns)

+ Gabby Bernstein's free video you get when you preorder her new book The Judgement Detox (again blog post worthy), get the book here

Apps I'm Loving//

+ Down Dog - totally free, yoga practices in the comfort of your own home

+ Insight Timer - totally free, high vibe + full of guided meditations. I love Heather Waxman's

+ Intuition Journal - perfect for putting my deepest thoughts in when I don't have access to pen and paper, AND it lets you put a passcode on it

Insta Accounts I'm Loving//

+ @carlymorgangross

+ @hol_fit

+ @chelseaafox

+ @connie_chapman

+ @che.che.luna

+ @christina_sutra

+ @melissa_hartwig

In my diffuser//

+ today: 4 drops lime, 4 drops petitgrain + 1 drop elevation

+ fave of all time: 2 drops white fir + 2 drops grapefruit

+ sleep fave this week: 2 drops serenity + 2 drops balance

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