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Meandering Monday Ep. 2

Welcome to another episode of meandering monday. This is where I show all of my sweet internet finds for the week (or recommendations/things I'm loving). Ready? OK.

So, I'm still crushing on last week's diffuser blend: 4 drops each petitgrain and lime, 2 drops elevation. BUT I'm also obsessed with this pain relieving bath blend: 2-4 drops each copaiba + frankincense + elevation. So yum. I have to admit that every year, during the winter months I become a little obsessed with elevation. I think its because I get a case of the winter blahs and it makes me feel fucking incredible. Like seriously. It smells like sunshine.

On the topic of essential oils, I found this amazing essential oil rack (technically its a spice rack turned essential oil rack) at Kitchens Plus. Its rad. You can find one similar here.

If you wanted to get started bringing the magic that is these oils into your home. Seriously, they are magic. This month is an awesome time to do it. With every 200PV order you get a free 15mL bottle of Frankincense. A $93 value. Its the king of all oils and its uses range from strengthening and supporting immunity, assisting in migraine and headache relief, reducing the appearance of scars, it gives me an honest to goodness glow, is intensely grounding + smells amazing. If you want to get started you can shoot me an email @ OR click here.


+ this epic article all about 13 symbols and what they mean, read here on the numinous

+ this article about Princess Margaret in The Crown (she's my new fave) OH and if you haven't watched it, I'm obsessed. Binge watch it on Netflix.

+ I'm obsessed with recurring numbers and loved this one on 2222

+ current bedside reads: Practice You (its so beautiful I'm terrified to write in it, but I'm committing to working through it) + Crystal Muse

Both books are epically beautiful. As you can also see I'm obsessed with crystals + aloe vera plants. I have two : Audrey + Aphrodite. Yup. Plant mama.


+ crushing on green smoothies, particularly this blend from @erinireland : spinach, ginger, almond milk, dates, flax seed, banana, (I add collagen), cinnamon + ice

+ hot cocoa (traditional with loads of sugar in it + super healthy adaptogenic blends like Four Sigmatic and my own custom blend of raw cacao, honey, cinnamon, maca, ashwaghanda + nut milk.

+ Holiday Nog (yum)

+ I'm also obsessed with my new HydroFlask that I got from work - I've doubled my water intake since receiving it. The wide mouth is awesome and it keeps your drink cool for hours. You can get one here. I have a red one, but the white and purple are to die for

Random finds//

+ this article on free writing after meditation (I've found this practice highly illuminating)

+ the secret ingredient to uh everything

+ I just started my moon and I found this article interesting, last cycle I started with the full moon and this cycle its a new moon start

Things that sparkle//

This past week I actually won a Tiny Devotions giveaway for this necklace I've been obsessed with since it launched. I manifested this baby into my life like the super attractor I am. I'll tell you that story + how to manifest like a boss later. But look at this:

Stunning right. Don't mind my horribly chipped manicure. I'm on it.


+ Eminem's new album - loving the song remind me, bad husband and need me

+ Taylor Swift (old school)

+ ALL THE COUNTRY : my christmas fave - country boy for christmas by kira isabella (it's adorable)


+ this may be TMI but PooKeeper - it's awesome, and I like to think Melissa Ramos aka the poop whisperer approved. It keeps track of what types of #2 you are having and lets you know if its a good or bad thing so you can make dietary changes as necessary, I may even use it with clients.

+ still crushing hard on Down Dog - its a free yoga app, and its super easy to use. Plus the practices are great

+ the Fertility Friend app - all you need is a thermometer (my dog ate mine AGAIN) and a basic knowledge of fertility awareness method (or cervical fluid), feel free to shoot me an email with questions and I will create a blog post for you on FAM if you are interested

And that is it for this meandering Monday loves. Check back next week.

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