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Meandering Monday Ep. 3

Welcome to 2018 beauties. I am so excited to be here. I'll be sharing my lessons from 2017 later this week - for now, I am in full on first days of the January Whole30 (don't worry - I've got resources coming your way) and diving deep into saying buh-bye to 2017 and crafting my vision for 2018.

BUT I thought I would pop on post 10 minute HIIT workout and pre-work on a whole30 post for you guys to share my meanders for the week. Because well, I love to share.

I'm really digging this blueprint for 2018 - led by the gorgeous and glowing Ange Peters of Hol:Fit this blueprint guides you to creating a beautiful life plan for the new year. Its pretty epic. Find it here.

I am also in love with completing the Desire Map for a New Year. Its a beautiful $25 companion to the book The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. You can check that out on her website.

This website that does your Natal Chart for you. If you love astrology check it out. It gives LOADS of insight into who you are. If you believe in that kind of thing (I def do). Here's a little sneak peek into my chart:

Anything essential oils: article

This article about reincarnation - woah, and this article about the levels of higher consciousness.

In general - the Conscious Lifestyle Magazine website. So good.


The Melissa Ambrosini Show: I love her + her hubby, but particularly this

Let It Out with Katie Dalebout (I LOVE the old school episodes)

Awaken Radio (also love)


Eminem's new album on repeat


I started my 2018 Goodreads challenge. My goal : 50 books in 2018. WOAH. Maybe I will also aim for 50 BRF posts ... we shall see. I'm currently reading: It Starts with Food, The Untethered Soul AND Dear Lover (which woah, chills)

And finally - baths. I started the new year just like this. And then got a kiss from my hubby and went to bed. Felt great. My fave blend: 1 cup epsom salt, 2 drops each copaiba, frankincense and elevation. Its seriously divine, and you feel BOMB AF.

That's all I'm sharing this week for meandering Monday's. Stay tuned for some whole30 support + resources, AS WELL AS a sample meal plan for the week. Let's kick ass in 2018.

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