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Meandering Monday Ep. 4

Welcome to Monday !

This video this mom shares about how her and her hubby keep the spark alive

This recipe I'm going to try this month

This blog post because I'm a little obsessed with Dave Asprey and the whole concept of biohacking

This article because Kesha is a badass, and this song gives me chills

Here's the video too:

Currently lusting after:

The Tikvah necklace from The Neshama Project , I have the Nikki necklace and I adore it

These lululemon pants for running, my wunder under obsession just isn't serving running fast (I'm sure people have seen my under wear and butt at the gym).

This diffuser because my hubby broke my old one

Literally any crystal she gets in stock, I love her (she's awesome)

Also a shit ton of books .. like its insane.

Current faves:

+ beef fajita skillet for breakfast, lunch or dinner . I'll share the recipe soon!

+ sex magic bites (yummy food freedom treat)

+ The Judgement Detox (reading the book and listening on audible)

+ Four Sigmatic coffee packets

+ squats and bench pressing (I feel strong and badass, plus my hubby is kicking my butt and making me feel totally capable)

+ palo santo

+ crystals

+ Natural Calm before bed and lemon water in the morning

+ working out with my husband

+ loving Lewis Howe's podcast, Ange Peter's Hol:Fit Talks podcast, and listening on 1.5x speed (seriously saves so much time and you get the info you need)

I'm also clearly digging on the colour pink + especially my huge oversized pink knit sweater. Its life.

Currently binge watching: New Girl (I know, I'm late to the party)

One of my fave smoothie recipes ever

And honestly that is all for this week. I'm spending lots of times working on creating beautiful, healthy habits. And I cannot wait to share everything with you all.

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