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The Art of Decks

As you may have gathered if you have been here a while, is that I have a minor obsession with books and card decks. And by decks, I mean and refer to tarot decks, angel card decks, affirmation decks, etc. Beautifully designed, packaged and shipped - they set my heart on fire. I'm telling you, the first man who surprises me with one that a) I don't own and b) lets face it with one at all, yup he may just be a keeper who gets me. I get a lot of questions on my instagram whenever I post any of them about who they are by and where to buy them, and which ones I use. So, I decided it would be helpful to create a little curated gallery of them for you here with a description.

What attracts me to most of these decks are the beautiful women who create them or stand behind the messages - Gabby Bernstein, Rebecca Cambell, Kris Carr, Danielle Noel, and Danielle Laporte to name a few. Gorgeous, powerful and spiritual women showing up with their gifts and empowering others along the way. #GRLPWR. After that, its the beautiful artwork. I'm serious, the art is stunning. Some of these decks should just be framed for their beauty.

As a little note, I always recommend cleansing your decks before use. You can do this by using sage, or palo santo. Placing a piece of selenite on the deck. Placing it out in the moonlight of a full moon. I then always set an intention, which usually sounds a little like this: Please tell me what I most need to know, illuminate my thoughts and allow me to see the guidance you have for me. I often get the exact guidance I need in that moment, and sometimes, when you don't like what its telling you - it is EXACTLY what you need and what is showing up for you. It's not always insanely obvious, but I have learned that its always giving me intuitive messages that have made a huge difference in my attitude about situations. I don't necessarily make my decisions based on this practice, but I can shift my perspective or attitude about things and that is pure magic.

So let's dive in. You'll see a photo of the deck, the name of it, who created it and a little description of why I love it and how I use it.

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

This deck was based off of her book The Universe Has Your Back (which was excellent by the way), and has beautiful little messages inside the cards. You can see one of them above: Hope is the conduit for miracles. Her friend Micaela Ezra did all of the artwork for the cards, and they are stunning. I like to bring these out as gentle reminders or perspective shifters. You can sit and meditate with them as well.

Miracles Now Affirmation Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

This deck is also by Gabby, and based on another one of her books. Its a collection of affirmations that are written on backgrounds of universe and galaxy style artwork. I love these simply for affirmations and a little bit of spiritual love.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This is one of my first decks that I purchased, and its one of my absolute faves. It is also the one I get the most questions about on instagram. Its beautiful, and extremely popular - and for good reason. Each card is a different goddess, that gives you a different message. It comes with a small guide book that gives you a deeper message and more guidance about what the card is telling you.

Daily Guidance from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

This was my first deck that I purchased for myself, and was a recommendation from Ange Peters of Hol:Fit. As you can see, its been chewed by my dog (Rolo) and has been well loved. This has a very similar feel to the other deck above, and I use it in the same way. I tend to be called more so to my newer decks recently, but this is definitely one I would recommend, especially for beginners.

Truthbomb Deck Vol. 1 + 2 by Danielle Laporte

These decks are just absolutely beautiful. I guarantee you have seen at least one on my instagram feed, if not all over Instagram of these cards. The Truthbomb deck includes hundreds of little truth bombs like the one I posted below this, and is just one of my favourite things. I love Danielle Laporte and her ability to go deep and ask the big questions, and how she nudges you to really go after your desires. As if there is any other way to live, right? I also have the app, which is available on the App Store if you don't want to invest in the physical copy!

The Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans

I was intrigued by this deck for a long time, mostly because its a bit darker than what I am used to. But I was obsessed with the art and the concept of using animal guides. I have always felt animals that we see recurrently are a beautiful sign or a message to us. In particular for me, a robin is a sign my Nana is sending me a message or just saying "I'm here". So this deck has a similar feel for me, and I use it for intuitive guidance.

Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr

Kris Carr is a super empowering woman, she's a cancer thriver and teaches how to eat more greens, and focusing on plant based health. I love this deck for the cute artwork by Lori Portka, and the beautiful and gentle reminders to take care of yourself and work on the self love quota in your life.

Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

When I found out Rebecca was creating a deck, with artwork by Danielle Noel - I had to pre-order it. I'm serious, its absolutely stunning and each card asks you a question that encourages you to go deeper into your own intuition. Its beautiful. She is the author of Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise and her work is absolutely life changing. She is a light for empowering women, and getting us to connect back to who we are.

Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel