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september favourites

I've decided to bring this feature back to the blog. I used to do monthly fave posts, but I deleted most of them when revamping the blog, and now I feel like its time to start it over. SO, although it's October - I am going to share my September favourites with you now as a simple and fun post. I also want to make sure to bring you some lighter posts amidst the posts on divorce and breakups and mental health. I really want to make this blog about holistic lifestyles, and to me that's not all nutrition and fitness. It's about all of the things that make up our being.

First - a little update on me. I have been in a deep process of letting go. Like serious letting go. I just packed up a whole garbage bag of clothes to get donated, cleaned out my closet, and created a more functional and beautiful space for myself. I took my Tuesday off and practiced some radical self care by doing this. I had been in an ultra funk for about three weeks - super emotional, cranky and well, frankly being a huge bitch. I'm gonna be honest. I was just miserable. Taking that Tuesday brought me back to myself, and that is pretty damn epic. I slept in, I cleaned, I took myself out on a date, I purged, I cleansed (I seriously smudged the entire basement over and over), I ate good food, I went and crushed a workout, and I did my damn hair (and took sexy photos - I think I'm going to write a whole post on this incredibly healing and fun practice).

I keep having to remind myself that I went through some pretty hard stuff this year, and well the last 7 or 8 years haven't been a walk in the park. I can get pretty hard on myself when I get sad or depressed, and have people making comments about smiling more. Gentle reminder guys - you never know what someone is going through, and we are allowed to be with our feelings. However, I'm realizing that as the funks get shorter and shorter, I want them to be as short as possible. My suggestion: accountability partners. The other day I texted my girlfriend and I said : k, I get one day to be mopey and whiney, and then I need to snap out of it. And she was all for it. I also highly recommend leaning on your friends and talking it out. It is SO important to talk through your feelings and be called out when you are being crazy. Sometimes things aren't exactly how we perceive them and a little reality check is key.

OK. Let's get to the September favourites. I'm going to break it up into categories for you, and share links to posts and such for you to find.


- I became pretty obsessed with this desk situation that I found on insta, to the point I recreated it for my OWN desk sitch. All it took was a little tape, a trip to home sense and bringing out my crystals. I think its a beautiful way to display them too.

This photo above is my version. I've since updated the box, and gotten a rose quartz candle holder and added my salt lamp. I just need a candle and an extension cord and it's done. But I love the inspiration.

- I also am obsessed with vision boards. Above you can see my digital one, and I'm in the process of cutting out of magazines and printing photos for my physical one in my closet. I'm going to do a whole blog post for you guys on this. But here is one of my vision board inspirations (her whole insta is an inspiration if I'm being honest).

- For style inspo: I am obsessed with @thesisterstudioig. She posts affordable outfits. Like I went and bought a few from Old Navy and I am obsessed. She's great.

- Pinterest. I have been using this service as kind of a vision boarding process, and I have become a little obsessed with my board CONNECTION. It's all about couples and what I want to cultivate in my next relationship (whenever I am ready for that). Here's a little sneak peek:


- Carly Pearce: Every Little Thing (I had a cry on the floor of the shower moment to this one)

- Kelsea Ballerini: Unapologetically (specifically Missed Me More, Graveyard + Get Over Yourself)

- this song Big Spender from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack (let's take a second to appreciate every one of those albums, because YES)

- the song Get To You by Michael Ray

- Jess Glynne's album I Cry When I Laugh

- Carrie Underwood's new album Cry Pretty

- Dua Lipa : New Rules + IDGAF + Blow Your Mind

- Bebe Rexha (I'm having a moment with her currently)


- sports. K I started watching hockey. I even downloaded an NHL app. My girlfriends are probably like WTF. BUUUUT - here's my theory. Men love sports, and I want to at least have a semi interest. Because every man I've every SERIOUSLY dated, was obsessed with video games (and NO THANK YOU). SO I want to be able to at least hold a conversation or be semi-interested. My brother thought it was a good opportunity to teach me how to woo like Rick Flair. I can't say I've mastered that ... nor do I want to.

- The Sinner : this was pretty good. Not what you expect.

- I went and saw A Simple Favour solo, and dear god it was excellent. LIKE SO GOOD. I love Blake Lively. And Ryan Reynolds .. I'm obsessed with their marriage. Goals.

- TBH I have not been watching much TV, simply because I have a goal to write more and read more, and consume less. So far so good.


- I am obsessed with Paleoethics products. I love their protein and greens powder. I DO love the pre-workout for how it makes me feel... super clean energy, BUT the smell gets me a little.

- PSL: Don't judge me. I consumed an excessive amount of pumpkin spice lattes in September. And I don't regret one of them. I am however back to my americano with cream. Because I can eat an entire meal for the same amount of calories as a PSL. Yes, I'm serious.

- RX Bar's: these are a staple for me, and I always have one in my gym bag.


- Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (I am almost done this one). I made a commitment to myself to absorb information about healthy and functional relationships, with a focus on loving yourself and getting your own shit together first. And this one is a great one.

- I read Why Men Love Bitches. This book has some excellent points about not being a doormat, and respecting yourself. BUT it also has a lot of bullshit that completely goes against everything I believe about being a sexy and strong woman. Its worth a read, but take with a grain of salt.

- I also read a few soft core books ... recommendations from a girlfriend. It was needed. Not going to lie.

- This month was also a big book buying month: Think and Grow Rich, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Rich Bitch, Broke Millennial, The Dark Between Stars, and a few audiobooks. I have a theme on money - as one of my goals is to radically change this relationship I have.

This photo is not mine, its @soulrenovations. But it is major book and reading goals. Also its just sooo beautiful and the vibes are totally on point.


- I have been all about the gym lately. My fave movements have been squats, hip thrusts, and cable kick backs.

- I'm also loving my peachbands core sliders, and bands. They are epic, and adorable. Seriously burn though. (BY THE WAY not sponsored. Just love).

- I've cut back on my cardio, and I'm running 10-15 minutes on the treadmill before crushing some weights. I may start upping this again to lean out a little, but this is usually my time to sweat it out and sing it out.

- I love working out my back and shoulders too - its becoming an obsession. It makes me feel so damn strong and empowered.


- I love this topic. TBH, I did when I was married and I do now. I could talk about sex all day. It gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes. So here are a few things I am loving:

- This post by A Cup Of Jo. I love this blog now too.

- This company is pretty damn epic. I have one.

- These vibes:

OK. That's all I'm sharing for now. More on this lovely stuff next month. Love you all.

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