Dear Future Lover

Dear Future Lover,

I know I'm sometimes hard to handle, complicated and emotional. I recognize that I sometimes pull away, and retreat inwards. Be patient with me, pull me close and breathe me in. Give me the space to let it all go.

When I begin to mother you, gently remind me that I am your lover. Embrace me. Ravish me. Peel back the layers as you bring me back home into my own body, and into yours. Don't allow me to do it all alone.

When you make love to me, be there with me fully. Be present with me, or don't be there at all. Look me in the eyes, feel me, and allow me to open fully. Kiss me like you mean it.

Never take me for granted, and always appreciate me. I can give and give and give, but encourage me to take. Tell me I'm beautiful, and strong, and that you are proud of me. Even though I know these things myself, hearing them makes my heart happy.

I can't read your mind, and you cannot read mine. Let's promise to communicate and be honest - open wide. Tell me what you need, what you desire, and give me the security to do the same.

There is no keeping score in love. Let's not hold grudges. Never go to bed angry. Promise me you will never go sleep on the couch. Instead, approach me gently and speak your mind. Be careful with your words, and never use them to hurt me - I promise I will do the same.

Lover, surrender into me. Let me see the real you. Your vulnerability opens my heart, and turns me on. I promise to give you the space to be masculine and raw, and to soften and be gentle. When I cry or vent, just hold me and hear me - you don't always need to fix it for me.

Encourage me to spend time with my girlfriends. They keep me sane, and I appreciate you more when I get to complain and whine to them about the little things you do that drive me insane - those very things I will miss when we are apart.

Always speak the truth. Always speak your truth. And never judge me for my truth.

Please don't punish me by taking away love and affection. If I hurt you, or upset you, it was never on purpose. Remember I am not perfect, but I try really hard to make you happy and support you.

Don't try to change me. Allow me to grow and evolve. Encourage my growth. Let's grow together. Support each others dreams. And most importantly lover, leave me wild.

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