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october favourites

I cannot believe we have just hit November. But that means another favourites post. But as always (and especially since I haven't written anything in a few weeks), lets start with an update on me.

I'm not going to lie the SAD has hit me hard this year, and extremely early. I've been attempting to combat this with vitamin D drops, magnesium, lots of water, rest and some very SHORT trips to the tanning bed. This past month I found myself dropping into some old, harmful patterns around food, so I'm doing a mini reset right now focusing on whole, mostly paleo, foods. Think greens, veg, protein, healthy fats, and a lot of hydration and fibre. I'm also heading back to the gym after a short hiatus, and I am super stoked about it (tbh I'm dreading it, but I know I won't regret it when its over).

Seeing as my divorce posts are THE MOST popular posts on my website (is this because people just love drama and heartbreak?), I thought I would do a little update as I may not be writing many more of those. I am so unbelievably happy. I have spent months truly focusing on myself and listening to my intuition about what I need. In the summer, it was a lot of fun and flirting (with everyone), dating apps and going out a lot. Eventually, this led to some burnout and I started feeling really crappy about myself (as it turns out, dating apps - at least 90% of the people on there - are looking for hookups, great for an ego boost, bad for someone who wants to find the one). SO I took two months off. I deleted the apps and the accounts, and took time for me, yet again. Fast forward to the end of September, beginning of October, and I hop back on - new photos, new vibe, new me - and I match with someone literally awesome. That is all I have to say on that for now, but sometimes listening to ourselves and taking some time is exactly what we need. Thanks Universe.

The last few days have been crazy town in my house, as I had a very very sick puppy. I left work running, took him for an emergency vet visit, and subsequent stay - and he's back home doing much better. It was super scary for me, very expensive and not going to lie a little traumatic. But we're all doing much better, and resting it off.

But let's get to the goods.


- this month I was insanely inspired by all things fall: pumpkins, the colours of the trees, fashion - you name it

- new bedding: I purchased some insanely expensive, beautiful, bucket list worthy, UGG bedding and revamped my lady cave. It's beautiful. It's soft, and it's so cozy. I need some kind of textured throw pillow - but baby steps.


- Dylan Scott's album : Can't Take Her Anywhere, My Girl, and Ballcap

- Carly Pearce's new song Closer to You

- Avril Lavigne brought out a new song: Head Above Water

- to dance to: Taki Taki

- Flip my Hair by Jessie James Decker

- Billy Currington, Russell Dickerson and Morgan Wallen

- Kisses Down Low by Kelly Rowland

- Beyonce's album Lemonade (yes I'm late to the party)


- Big Mouth: I didn't think i'd like it, but I laugh so hard. I am obsessed with Maya Rudolph as the hormone monstress. Def worth the watch and netflix binge.

- Friends. Easy watch for when you need to check out a little, and feel the nostalgia.

- For movies, I watched Chloe on netflix, and was happily surprised. It was actually very entertaining.


- I have been drinking insane quantities of coffee and water. Like subsisting off of coffee.

- I've noticed my eating habits slipping a bit, and really emotionally eating or not eating at all. So I've given myself a little time for a reset.


- Currently reading How To Get Shit Done by Erin Falconer and I am really loving it.

- Enjoyed Girl Logic by Iliza (she brought us Elder Millenial, and tbh I love her)


- I really cut back on cardio this month, and focus on isolated workouts. Legs, arms, back, abs, etc.

- My focus was on proper form, and upping my weights (progressive overload).


- I brought back my yoni egg practice. I realized I really shut down sexually for quite a while, and it's been fun to bring that back into my focus.

- I let myself off the hook when it came to dating, and decided living in a flow state was a) healthier for me and b) would allow me to attract the right kind of partner.

- Going forward into November, I plan on really amplifying my self love and sensuality practices and I will totally be sharing everything I learn and try with you all (don't worry, I'll try to keep it PG).

October was also the month of going out and really having fun. Here's a few snapshots.

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